A Few words about "TOUCH MATTERS"

Touch Matters is an education consultancy assisting students who wish to study abroad.

Education, undergraduate, post-graduate or professional, is the biggest stepping stone in a student’s career. It is here that Touch Matters provides counselling and guidance in selection of courses, process of application and steps thereafter to help students in comfortably settling in at their place of study. Each applicant is supported by Touch Matters throughout the process until enrolment. The process includes applications, offer letters, accommodation, visa applications, scholarships & bursaries, pre-departure briefings, remittance of fees, meet & greet upon arrival, orientation & enrolment. We specialize in providing admissions in : Australia, UK, Canada, Singapore, Poland ,Ireland, Switzerland, and more countries.

Every student has individual requirements, but in order to ensure a well-informed choice there are almost always special factors to consider, including a student's academic background, age, knowledge of English, when to come to the university or college, the length of the student's stay in the university/college and what, where and how he/she wishes to study. We assist students with all aspects of planning and arranging for their study overseas.

Our commitment to put students’ interests above everything else has earned accolades from parents, teachers and academic institutions. Several top international universities have entered into strategic tie-ups with us for recruitment of quality students from India. As their official representative, we pave the way for speedy, easier completion of all admission formalities for the benefit of students.

This experience is a gift you have given to yourself, and you will be able to open it again and again. Are you starting to get the idea? As you read through our programs, you will find a common thread; global counsel , the counsel for migration, international studies, prepares, provides and packages affordable opportunities and experiences to make you a part of the globe and the globe a part of you. Our program locations are carefully selected to ensure that they are: interesting and easy to navigate; intellectually challenging and culturally stimulating; and, most importantly, stable and safe. Global counsel is a leading study, work, live and immigration consultant in India. The counsellors are well experienced and have thorough knowledge of other countries immigration policies, law and regulations in the global immigration act. The parameters may be educational, financial or personal.

Being an overseas education and migration consultancy we are authorized representatives for major institutes and acting bodies in various countries. Global counsel offer guidance to people wishing to effect a profound and lasting change in their life style, and also provide themselves and their families, with opportunities for a successful future. The environment and infrastructure in Australia, Canada, Denmark, UK and USA is well equipped to meet the growing inflow of prospective students & migrants who take the initiative to migrate, study, visit and work. Global counsel 's services are unique, because they are tailored to suit individual needs, offering support services for formal assessment of skills, language testing, and medical checks etc. Hence, an applicant who utilizes the services of global counsel not only achieves his desire to study abroad or emigrate but also acquires extensive information which allows him to integrate smoothly and embrace his future, making him proud to refer to his new .


  • 1. To provide a true and complete picture, based on reliable, updated data of academic as well as career prospects in different countries worldwide.

  • 2. To offer students the best counselling and admission package through providing comprehensive and professional services.

  • 3. To fully utilize our expertise and experience to place students in the right University, right Program, right Country and right on time.

  • 4. To create a work environment that promotes total commitment and growth.

  • 5. To set the benchmark for professional and reliable services to the student community

Various Services

  • To become one of the most reputed and reliable names in Global Educational and be recognized as the best in providing Career Guidance. This will be achieved by helping students reach their dream destination, irrespective of their financial and academic stature. We provide following:
  • 1. Career Counselling
  • 2. Right Choice Help
  • 3. Easy Paperwork
  • 4. Visa Guidance
  • 5. Money Matters
  • 6. Spreading Awareness